Near Death Experiences

On the surface the ‘Near Death Experience’ sounds like a wonderfully heightened state that the under-utilised human brain experiences as we hit the wall for the last time, only to come out the other side to describe the ‘bright lights’ and ‘out of body sensations’.

The idea that we only use a small fraction of our brain is a little daft, as evolution dictates that the brain wouldn’t unnecessarily develop as an un-tuned engine, unless it had previously been used to a fuller extent, and we have lost the ability to utilise this extra horse power somehow.

The reality of it is more likely to be that we can’t simultaneously utilise our full brain, firing connections between all the neurons at the same and harnessing its full power, but each constituent part on the whole will get utilised at some point of ‘Normal’ function.

It does make you stop and think that if the human mind was able to make use of all our grey matter in a conscious waking state that we could potentially exceed our current potential pretty dramatically.

But what does this actually mean? Well, with it being observed that the gamma oscillations significantly increase in the brain with a (near) death experience, as the brain attempts to make a last fight to decode what is happening to it (presumably because its experiencing something that hasn’t happened before.. Death), it stands to reason that if we could boost the gamma oscillations within the brain in a natural awake state, without the inconvenient hurdle of ‘near death’ then we could further utilise the brain.

What would this give us though?! It’s all start to sound like Bruce Banners field of experience when you start talking about Gamma, and while we’re on the subject of split personalities, it’s worth pointing out that a decrease of gamma oscillations are also associated with schizophrenia.

So before you go trying to boost your ERB4 receptors with Neuregulin-1  its worth contemplating whether we’ve just hit a balance over the millennia where any more or less gamma oscillations result in humans going crackers, or whether we’re destined for further greatness with our minds running at a bright 60watts instead of the slightly dim 24watts of today!


Survival Kit: Role Models for Today’s Youth

Seriously.. The outlook for the youth of today is in serious jeopardy. 
They need more role models. You can’t rely on the Government, Councils, 
Schools to provide them with an adequate moral compass.

Thankfully there are a set of people out there that can help you on 
this quest, people in the public eye that that can be referenced as 
tangible role model.

The likes of Continue reading Survival Kit: Role Models for Today’s Youth


If Oil Ran Out Tomorrow

What will happen if the oil runs out tomorrow…

Part of me really wants to see what would become of us if this did happen, but another side just tells me that it’s going to be on the darker side of some apocolypic Hollywood movie!

Lets have a think about what some of the immediate and longer term outcomes will be.

For starters, unless the governments all of a sudden magic some wonder fuel out from under it’s hat that they’ve been suppressing for years (lets face it with the amount of tax a government makes on fuel this might even happen) it’s all going to get very hairy, very quickly.

For starters the most basic of human needs.. Continue reading If Oil Ran Out Tomorrow


My 1st Window into Music

Most people can trace their interest in something back to a certain point in time, be that an event; a year; certain age etc.

It’s a question I hear on the radio listening to Mike Sweeny on Real Radio XS (Previously Manchesters Rock Radio) whenever he interviews someone “where did it start? what was the album that sparked it”

This got me thinking today, what was the period/album/style that got me hooked on music.

On reflection, I hadn’t taken a real notice of music until I was about 10/11 years old (1989/90), certainly not anything outside of a few Queen/Chris Rea or Shaken Stevens songs being played at home, but music was by no means a central focus in our house, and I was far to busy out in the fields, whittling wood, fishing, riding my bike and enjoying the great outdoors.

It was only when I got a back to back stereo and a walkman one Christmas that I actually sat up and took note of what was around me.

Albums that made a difference..

From there, I picked up Continue reading My 1st Window into Music


Top 50 – Awesome Rock Gym Playlist

Ok, so you like/love rock music and you go to the gym. You want some high energy tracks that will get the guns working overtime, you’ve got a few in a playlist but you need some more! Take a look at the below, and see if there’s any you’ve not come across yet.

There are some non rock tracks that have slipped in there… but they hold their own in the gym ☺

This list has been constantly refined over the past 8 years! Any other that should make the list that I’ve missed off?… add a comment below.

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